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Building with ECO BUILDING GROUP means winning in all areas.

You can build in less time, with less people, with less costs, with the highest possible way of insulation and with the highest possible level of comfort afterwards.



  • ecological constructions in Neopor blocks, filled with 15 cm reinforced concrete, with almost zero energy waste
  • project management and coördination for your projects in Spain.

All this from family homes up till multiple storey constructions.

Eco Building Group

Our construction services are designed to protect the interests of our client, eliminating the usual conflicts between parts of a project, reducing costs and ensuring deadlines are met whilst obtaining excellent results in the execution of the ECOLOGICAL building project.

Getting a project completed on time and within the estimated budget, without unexpected surprises and with the best quality is our main objective, whatever our level of participation in the project.


Our Construction Management is based on the principles and activities described for ECOLOGICAL Project Management, but developed more in-depth and in greater detail for the activities related to the recruitment and execution of Ecological building works.

The Construction Manager undertakes the organization, coordination and supervision of works, together with the existing building team and taking responsibility for the client’s representation to the contractors and suppliers who perform the works. These third parties are directly employed by the client, under the management of EBG Construction solutions , who coordinate and assist them during any project with an expert technical team on site at all times.

Clients have a high level of control over the quality, safety and financial aspects, ensuring that contractual risks are reduced.


First of all we work with our own blocks, product of BASF, made in Germany, in exclusivity for Spain! And this means constant quality control and fast deliveries. We use the highest possible quality and insulation value system for our wall construction, you must also extend that line to the foundation, otherwise, the superior properties of the system will be negatively affected. And so we do with our foundation system.

As for our foundation insulation, we use an EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) based system. It consists of loose bottom plates and sidewalls, which are provided with unbreakable strips as reinforcement. That makes this system the strongest in the market. In addition, this system is signifi-cant easier and faster to process than traditional systems. For example, additional sand or the use of separate corner pieces are not necessary. A three-part system also creates much less waste.

ECO BUILDING GROUP uses an insulating formwork that ensures a strong connection to the walls without thermal bridges.

The bottom plate can easily be transferred over the metal piket thanks to the integrated provision, so the foundation box can be perfectly aligned to the concrete size

Reinforcement and spacers, that are suitable for insulation on soft surface, are being placed to make sure that there is sufficient concrete cover. The necessary openings for drainage and side walls are being placed. Now only the concrete should be poured, let it dry and the foundation is ready.

The ECO BUILDING GROUP foundation system is unbeatable in processing speed. Apart from the simplicity of installation of a three-part system unlike other systems, there is not the necessity to add sand. Moreover you can perform work such as braiding the reinforcement, placing spacers and making cutouts, much faster.

Our Foundation System

Eco Building Group
  • Planned and produced for your specific construction needs
  • Quick assembly without cutting and preforming tasks at the construction site
  • Significantly easier assembly and measurement
Eco Building Group
  • General Building Regulation Approval (DIBt) for installation under hydrostatic pressure
  • Predictability in execution
  • Passive house certified system
Eco Building Group

The system is available with offset block insulation and the thickness of the floor pieces can be applied in a single layer of 60 to 200 mm, and in multi-layers of 300 mm.

The version with frost shields is optional.

Eco Building Group

Thermally activated floor slabs combine a number of strong points that result in significant savings in space and money. Floor height reduction results in extra room height and, logically, more headroom. Possible savings on energy costs of up to 30%. Easy placement of sewage and/or electrical pipes.

Eco Building Group

Our Wall System

At Eco Building Group we use a few different types of blocks. Of course, there are different dimensions in length and shape, but the basic principle is always the same; there is an internal part of 5 cm insulation, an intermediate part of 15 cm concrete and an external part that can vary in width, according to insulation requirements.

The EBG construction method can be compared to a lost formwork, however limited to the creation of a construction in reinforced concrete. The formwork, made of hard insulation material (Neopor) serves as an insulation for the new erected concrete wall, and this on the internal and external side.

Our Floor System

At ECO BUILDING GROUP we use a special type, JACKODUR, of floor slab system. Whether for buildings designed in accordance with EnEV standards or as a passive house, the ECO BUILDING GROUP foundation is the first choice!

Due to its excellent insulating properties, Jackodur can help to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2), a major contributor to the current greenhouse effect. In this case, what is good for the environment is good for your economy!

It is a simple formule: excellent insulation = significantly lower energy consumption = short-term return on investment.

Thermal insulation with Jackodur creates a comfortable interior living climate while protecting your building from external forces like heat, cold and moisture. This extends the life and enhances the value of your building.

ECO BUILDING GROUP floor slab formwork system ensures absolute planning predictability for architects, planners and building owners!

The high load-bearing capacity of Jackodur (185 to 355 kPa of compressive stress) together with a compressive creep of 160 kPa over 50 years at <2% deformation both guarantee a firm footing for your construction over the course of its entire life. 30 years of positive experience with Jackodur in load-bearing applications speak for themselves!

Eco Building Group